Ivy Removal/Trimming

Professional Ivy Removal/Trimming services

For a cost effective service in ivy removal Guernsey wide give our qualified tree surgeons a call on 07781 416 354.

Ivy may look appealing on the façade of a building or wall, but it grows so rapidly that it can easily take hold and get out of control, attaching itself to whatever it can hook its tendrils into. This is exactly why ivy removal Guernsey wide has turned into such an essential service.

Ivy is connected with problems such as damp and rot. This is because when it rains, the leafy covering leads to walls and fences taking much longer to dry out, being unexposed to air or sunlight. Ivy is also a crafty plant, working its way under roof tiles and wooden window frames and into gaps in brickwork, resulting in a variety of issues that can prove expensive to rectify.

We have specialist knowhow in the reduction and removal of ivy from residential properties and commercial buildings and from walls and fences in public places. Not only can we remove or trim back the ivy, we will also clean the underlying brickwork and can repair or replace fencing too. It’s all part of our value added service and our customers enjoy the fact that after we’ve completed our work, it is barely possible to detect that any ivy was present in the first place.

Ivy is a woody climbing plant. It uses its aerial roots that grow along its stems to climb upwards and outwards. These roots, also known as tendrils, cling hard and fast to fences and walls and when the ivy is removed, the tendrils are left behind, leaving behind a great deal of mess.

The problem with ivy, other than the mess it can leaves in its wake, is that it provides a natural habitat for pests such as bugs and rodents. Some people are also allergic to ivy and merely touching it or being in its presence can lead to a reaction.

Ivy is also known to block drains, leading to damp patches within a building and possibly even leaks. It is also an open invitation as a climbing aid for intruders looking to reach open windows.

What Does Ivy Removal Involve?

If ivy is leading to issues at your property, get in touch with Tree Works. We have nearly a decade of experience in ivy removal Guernsey wide. We have over the years removed ivy that has grown to 60 feet in height and have built up exceptional skill in working around obstacles and in challenging conditions.

Our qualified tree surgeons are well trained in ivy removal. Guernsey householders, commercial property owners, landlords and public land managers rely on us for our expertise in creating solutions to situations where overhead power lines are an issue, or where neighbouring property, trees, outbuildings or fences are making it difficult to reach the ivy.

We approach all jobs with the utmost care and safety and our unblemished insurance and health and safety records prove our dedication in this respect. When removing ivy in Guernsey, we also go to great lengths to ensure there is minimal or no damage to brickwork or fencing. Where requested we will power wash brickwork and repaint or stain fencing, repair or replace it. It all forms part of our value-added service.

To arrange your free, no-obligation quotation for ivy removal Guernsey wide, please call 07781 416 354.

Emergency Tree Work

Professional emergency tree work in Guernsey

Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on 07781 416 354. We offer an urgent response service for emergency tree work Guernsey wide.

Whether your trees have been damaged because of a storm, have been fully or partially felled after high winds or have all of a sudden begun to show signs that they could be dangerous, perhaps because they have become diseased or decayed, our qualified, experienced tree surgeons are poised and ready to help with an immediate response service covering the whole of Guernsey.

What Constitutes a Tree Emergency?

A tree emergency can be defined as any of the following:

  • Fallen and falling trees blocking access routes, footpaths or the public highway
  • Trees fallen during a storm or high winds
  • Partially felled trees posing a threat to property or passers by
  • Trees that are growing dangerously close to overhead power cables
  • Large loose branches threatening to fall onto public land or property
  • Diseased or decayed trees that could shed branches or fall at any moment

Immediate Response for all Emergency Tree Work Guernsey Wide

Our skills are extensive and as a company, we have the resources ready on hand to deploy immediately in any emergency tree work situation. We always prioritise urgent work and can promptly free up our vast resources across Guernsey to attend urgently to resolve any emergency tree situation.

What Happens in a Tree Emergency Situation?

The first part of our service is to analyse the situation for dangers. We have been carrying out health and safety risk assessments on sites Guernsey wide for more than 8 years and so have become well versed in making fast assessments of the risks posed by any job followed by coming up with viable solutions to resolve them safely.

At all times our key priority is to secure the safety of the public and everyone else on site.

As soon as we have secured any looming hazards we will conduct a professional assessment of the tree and make a decision on the most appropriate course of action. If necessary we will call in heavy lifting machinery and transport to remove any tree that is blocking access, working swiftly in order to minimise any disruption to traffic and pedestrians.

Where appropriate we will undertake remedial work on trees that have not been felled but have sustained damaged. This may involve taking out unsafe branches for example, although in some situation it will be necessary to remove the tree altogether.

We will undertake a comprehensive inspection of the tree to ensure it is safe before we leave the site. Our know-how as qualified tree surgeons means that we can identify signs of decay and disease which may have led to the weakness in the tree in the first place, in which case we will make recommendations as to the safest course of action.

In all cases of emergency tree work Guernsey wide we will leave the site clear and safe.

What Species of Trees can you Deal Within an Emergency?

We are able to take care of all species of trees as part of our emergency tree work. Guernsey wide we work with a variety of trees, including:

Oak Trees: Even though the English oak can grow up to 40 metres in height and can be fairly difficult to handle should it be felled by high winds, it is no problem for our experts to safely remove an oak tree in an emergency situation.

Willow Trees: Willow trees have sprawling hanging canopies and are often situated close to water. No problem for our specialists however who are frequently engaged in an emergency to deal with storm damaged or fallen willow trees throughout Guernsey.

Conifer Trees: It is a fact these trees can grow to towering heights often up to 100 metres, however, this is no concern for our solution-finding tree surgeons who on a regular basis over the past decade have handled trees of great heights that have fallen across the public highway or onto overhead power lines.

Eucalyptus Trees: These trees will readily shed bark and branches as a matter of course and even more so after a storm or high winds have hit. We regularly attend emergency situations where eucalyptus trees are threatening to fall or shed branches and in doing so cause injury or property damage. In most circumstances, we will carry out heavy pruning to ensure the safety of the tree, and in others, we will remove the tree completely so as to prevent future problems.

Cherry Trees: The cherry tree reaches heights of up to 10 metres and also grows a wide, bushy canopy, However, this does not make it a challenge for our experts to deal with any that have fallen or appear as though they could do so.

Silver Birch Trees: Despite the fact they grow up to 30 metres in height and put down deep roots, we are able to safely handle any emergency situation involving a silver birch tree, including treating any decay or disease.

Ash Trees: The ash tree can live as long as 400 years and is known to grow to heights of around 35 metres. This is a tree that likes company and you will often find them growing together to form domed canopies. This means that in some emergency situations after a storm or high winds we will need to remove or take care of more than one ash tree, which is something our experts are well experienced in.

Plum Trees: Many people, quite rightly, grow very affectionate towards their plum trees and will regularly request that we do what we can to salvage them if they have been damaged in a storm or high winds. As qualified tree surgeons, we are trained to always prioritise the health of the tree whilst considering safety issues. Rest assure that if we can find a way to make a plum tree safe in an emergency situation and make sure it is maintained, we will.

Cedar Trees: Cedar trees are unusual in shape because they grow multiple trunks. They also tend to grow to around 35 metres in height. Despite all of this we can still put our experience to good use and do whatever is needed to secure the site and remove any blockages caused by a fallen cedar tree.

Pine Trees: Pine trees can grow to heights of 35 metres and if they are not subject to frequent pruning they can quickly become dangerous in high winds, often being felled and from time to time falling onto power lines or the public highway. If this has occurred then we will respond straight away to tackle the situation efficiently and safely.

For an immediate response service in emergency tree work Guernsey wide, call Tree Works on 07781 416 354, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are Trading Standards approved fully qualified tree surgeons.

Tree Work for Property/Land Management Agents

Professional Tree Work for Property/Land Management Agents services in Guernsey

Tree Services for Guernsey Estate and Property Management Agents

N.P.T.C. and LANTRA qualified; insured to £10 million in public liability; British Standards accredited; thoroughly compliant with all relevant health and safety regulations, Tree Works are respected in Guernsey for providing a dependable, value-added service specially tailored to estate and property management agents.

Estate management involves a range of specialist tree and hedge services. It also calls for specialist expertise in making spaces appear attractive and appealing as well as working amongst the public. Tree Works offer more than ten years’ experience across all of these aspects.

Why opt for Tree Works for Estate Management Tree Work in Guernsey?

We provide a 24/7/365 service for property and estate management agents, so you are guaranteed comprehensive cover should an emergency situation arise, such as the need to make safe a fallen or damaged tree after a storm or high winds.

Our Guernsey tree services for estate and property management agents include:

Our Guernsey tree services for estate and property management agents take care of extensive grounds, parks, public places, private gardens and amenity spaces. Our service is completely flexible and bespoke to individual requirements. Our qualified tree surgeons can safely take care of all aspects of tree care, including Tree Preservation Order management, dealing with decayed or diseased trees and responding to emergency call-outs round the clock.

Flexible Contract Tree Services for Estate & Property Managers in Guernsey

As a property or estate manager, we understand you are very busy and have plenty to attend to without having to concern yourself about the condition of trees on the land you hold responsibility for. Exactly why at Tree Works we take a partnership approach, removing all the stress and hassle from the daily management of trees and hedges, making sure they are safe, healthy and pleasant to look at continually courtesy of our flexible contract services offered across Guernsey.

Complete Understanding of the Challenges Faced by Property Managers

The experience we have built up has taught us a great deal about the challenges that property and estate management companies regularly come up against. It has also helped us hone our skills in creating solutions to those challenges.

We completely appreciate that property managers can have a long list of tenants’ gardens and grounds to manage on top of everything else. You’ll need to be assured for health and safety purposes that the trees on tenants’ land are safe and healthy and that they will not lead to problems should storms or high winds occur. We provide a professional Guernsey tree report service to establish exactly that and will make sure that there is a periodical inspection fixed in the diary for ongoing peace of mind.

Helping to Sell Property Courtesy of Professional Tree Services

We also appreciate that it is essential to have the right information at your fingertips when marketing a property, and of course how important it is to ensure the grounds of the property that is up for sale are attractive and provide straightforward access. We are more than aware of just how to present a garden or commercial grounds for sale and will provide professional guidance on the best course of action to best show off what you are marketing. This will often involve crown lifting of trees: a process that maintains the beauty of the tree’s canopy but lifts it to allow sunlight to penetrate, and the view of the rest of the grounds to be fully appreciated.

Tree Services for Estate and Property Management Companies in Guernsey

Whatever tree services you need as a property or estate management company, they can be efficiently handled by Tree Works via a selection of professional tree services Guernsey wide from highly qualified, British Standards accredited tree surgeons.

Grounds Maintenance

Professional grounds maintenance services in Guernsey

Grounds Maintenance Guernsey


Our Guernsey grounds maintenance service is frequently called upon by local authorities, schools, sports grounds, housing authorities, public estate holders and business owners.

Because the look of your grounds is so important, we offer a service that can be depended upon for quality, efficiency and excellent value. It is a service that is not only local authority and Trading Standards approved but that also complies with British Standards.

We offer both ad hoc grounds maintenance Guernsey wide together with a regular maintenance programme which offers total reassurance to grounds owners that their land will be professionally cared for periodically.

Guernsey Grounds Maintenance Services from Qualified Tree Surgeons

With over 10 years’ experience and a host of qualifications and certifications across a range of disciplines, Tree Works is the reliable option for grounds maintenance in Guernsey.

Our grounds maintenance services include:

  • Qualified tree surgeon services including pruning, pollarding and removal of all popular species of tree including oak, ash, silver birch, willow and cherry trees
  • Hedge removal or trimming
  • Ivy trimming and removal
  • Weed and moss clearance
  • Shrub planting, re-planting and maintenance
  • Chipping and mulching
  • Cutting back and extraction of overgrown vegetation
  • Planting of shrubs, trees, hedges and floral displays
  • Grass mowing and roadside verge cutting
  • Fence maintenance, repair and replacement
  • Driveway cleaning

A Friendly, Helpful Service in Grounds Maintenance Guernsey Wide

Our team is dedicated to delivering a supportive service that offers added value. We are highly experienced in working amongst the public and our unblemished health and safety and insurance records provide total reassurance that our working methods are safe and professional.

Most of our work in grounds maintenance comes from referrals and regular contracts where we have been retained as preferred contractors for several years.

Maximum Satisfaction, Minimum Disruption

We totally understand the need for grounds maintenance work to be undertaken in a non-disruptive manner. Because of this, we have invested heavily in state of the art equipment that is as quiet in operation as possible. We also take great care to make sure it is well maintained so that we can work efficiently on site.

Our staff are courteous and always happy to go the extra mile. We guarantee the most exceptional standards of work across all our Guernsey grounds maintenance services, whether a one-off project or long term contract.

Guernsey Grounds Maintenance Contracts

We provide a thorough grounds maintenance contract option right across Guernsey. This is a programme which we will make fully bespoke to your individual requirements and we can include whatever services you need on a regular basis.

The programme diary will be fully managed by us and we will engage in frequent communication year round so that you are prompted of our pre-arranged visits, which of course can be arranged at your convenience to suit any particular special events or needs. As part of the contract we are also able to visit on an ad hoc basis should anything come up unexpectedly that needs attention, for example, storm damage to trees or fences for example.

Dependable and Cost Effective Grounds Maintenance Services in Guernsey

Should you be seeking a dependable, thorough grounds maintenance service in Guernsey that provides exceptional value for money and comes with Trading Standards approval, contact Tree Works. We are flexible, highly qualified and poised to undertake whatever tasks you require to keep your grounds in perfect order.

To arrange a personalised consultation for grounds maintenance Guernsey wide, please call us on 07781 416 354.

Crown Thinning

Professional Tree Crown Thinning services in Guernsey

When the canopy of a tree grows thick and heavy, it can make it difficult for light and wind to pass through which can cause problems.  If a tree is too dense it will often become damaged and it also makes it difficult to see if branches are diseased or decayed.  To avoid these issues, Tree Works recommends crown thinning Guernsey wide. Our tree surgeons will climb right into the crown of the tree and thin it out making it healthier, stronger, safer and more balanced.

Crown Thinning: Guernsey Tree Surgeons Get Right to the Core of the Problem

Crown thinning Guernsey wide strengthens trees by letting wind and light pass through rather than having it meet resistance. In strong winds or storms, typical in Guernsey, this can offer protection and prevent damage. Tree Works carefully and expertly work within the tree’s crown, thinning out foliage and removing heavy branches to help the tree retain natural balance and support new growth.

Contact us for Specialist Advice on Crown Thinning Guernsey Wide

Crown thinning allows a tree to retain its height whilst reducing the volume of the canopy to allow light and air to pass through.  For tall, mature trees, particularly those in urban areas, this is vital for maintenance. If you feel your trees could benefit from crown thinning Guernsey experts Tree Works are here to help.

Crown Reduction

Professional Tree Crown Reduction services in Guernsey

When trees have grown overly wide or high, we often recommend crown reduction. Guernsey tree surgeons Tree Works reduce the top canopy of the tree to a more manageable size. When they begin to outgrow their surroundings, trees benefit from crown reduction. Guernsey home-owners who have found their trees blocking light, overstepping boundaries or growing dangerously close to cables should call us without delay for a free, no obligation quotation.

We offer a free assessment and estimate on all services in crown reduction Guernsey wide.

Crown Reduction Guernsey: A Professional Service

Tree Works offers a comprehensive range of tree surgery services including crown reduction. Guernsey home and landowners have trusted this service to make trees safer and healthier, and look better, since 2010.

We guarantee complete reassurance from a team that has been thoroughly assessed in training, equipment and health and safety risk assessments and procedures.


Tree Pruning

Professional Tree Pruning services in Guernsey

Tree Pruning Guernsey

For tree pruning Guernsey wide, look to Tree Works: 10 years’ experience, British Standards accredited and highly qualified tree surgeons.

If you require a tree pruning in Guernsey, you can count on the know-how and expertise of our tree surgeons to undertake the job safely and cost effectively.

The tree pruning process involves carefully cutting back and professionally shaping of the tree so that it is pleasant to look at as well as protected from the risks of high winds and storms. In Guernsey, tree pruning can incorporate the handling of a range of species of trees, many of which are listed below, as well as coming up with solutions to challenges and tricky access situations. None of this is any problem however for the specialists at Tree Works.

Tree Pruning Guernsey: Always Engage the Professionals

Pruning a tree is not an easy task. It calls for great knowledge to be able to prune a tree in just the right manner to ensure it remains healthy and grows at a steady rate. Many people claim to be tree experts when in reality they are unqualified general tradespeople who do a little bit of everything, without any expertise.

It takes several years of training and perfecting of skills to effectively prune a tree. Guernsey householders and land managers are therefore advised to exercise due diligence when hiring a company for such a task. Always check for relevant qualifications, experience and unblemished insurance and health and safety records together with positive reviews.

Dead Wood Pruning

Dead Wood Pruning Guernsey

Dead wood on a tree is a natural part of the growth cycle and doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the tree.  But removing this dead wood is a crucial part of maintaining a tree and encourages strong and healthy growth. It makes the tree safer too. Dead wood pruning is one of our most popular tree services.

As a tree grows, it is natural that some of the wood will die off. Sometimes it could be the first sign of decay, but more likely it is just part of the natural life cycle.  Tree Works offers essential dead wood pruning Guernsey wide.

Guernsey Dead Wood Pruning: Our Service

We’ll come along to your home or commercial premises and undertake a full assessment of the tree, checking that the dead wood is not a symptom of a disease.  Once we’ve established how much dead wood needs to be removed, and ascertained the causes, we can get to work on dead wood pruning. Guernsey grounds such as parks, gardens, public places and streets, as well as private land, are made safer as a result.

Dead Wood Pruning Guernsey: Trees are Healthier as a Result

The dead wood pruning provided by our qualified tree surgeons results in safer, healthier trees. Dead wood can be heavy and prove to be a risk as it could fall from the tree unexpectedly. Wood that is no longer living quickly becomes weak and brittle. If left unattended it will fall and could therefore pose a risk of injury to people or damage to property.

Hedge Trimming

Professional Hedge Trimming services in Guernsey

Our Hedge Trimming Service

Tree Works use only the best hedge trimmers with sharp cutters to ensure your hedges are trimmed properly without ripping and tearing the leaves or needles. It takes a great deal of skill to produce those perfect looking hedges with neat lines and a tight cut without over-cutting.

An inexperienced hedge trimming operator can ruin what may have taken years to achieve, which is why it is recommend only to use highly experienced trimmers in Guernsey. Tree Works have been trimming and perfecting hedges since 2005 with over 10 years experience and a fanatic attention to detail yet still at competitive prices.

Cant I Just Hire a Hedge Trimmer Myself ?

Yes you can although you may find it can cost more than hiring Tree Works to do it for you. From the cost of hiring out the hedge trimming machine, travel time,fuel costs used to collect it and return it followed by even more of your time to cut your hedges yourself, then don’t forget the cost of removing the waste left over. By the time your all said and done you may find it has cost you alot more in time and money than if you were to hire Tree Works professional, qualified and insured Hedge trimming specialists to prune your hedges to perfection.

Tree Works have been trimming hedges across Guernsey for over 10 years. Becoming leaders in the field in terms of speed and quality. With thousands of well pruned hedges already done make Tree Works your preferred choice.

Specialists in all Species of Hedge Trimming

Our hedge trimming experts have specialist knowledge of all the common species of trees in the UK including the following:

Oak Tree Hedge Trimming

Our expertise in oak tree hedge trimming is well respected across Guernsey. The English oak is probably the best known tree in Britain and definitely the most common. Officially known by its Latin name as Quercus Robur, oak trees regularly grow in excess of 20 metres and sometimes up to 40 metres. The fact they grow so tall and have expansive canopies supported by strong branches is not an issue, as our in-depth experience in oak tree hedge trimming Guernsey wide and our specialist equipment allow us to tackle any task with ease.

Willow Tree Hedge Trimming

There are around 400 species of willow tree, known in Latin as Salix meaning ‘sallow’. When mature, willow trees grow to around 10 metres tall and have long lifespans up to 300 years. We have particular expertise in dealing with willow tree hedge trimming Guernsey wide. Due to the breadth of the hanging canopies, dealing with a willow tree that needs hedge trimming does require specific knowhow, which thanks to our long term and wide ranging experience as qualified tree surgeons, we can certainly offer.

Conifer Tree Hedge Trimming

Conifer trees are well known for growing to soaring heights, sometimes up to 100 metres. Of the Latin Pinophyta, there are many different types of conifer including yew, pine, cypress and Douglas fir. If you have any type of conifer on your land, perhaps as a hedge or even just a single tree and it needs pollarding, you can rely on our expertise to safely handle it. Even if you have a full row of exceptionally tall conifers, our Guernsey conifer hedge trimming experts will be able to find a solution to prune them back to perfection.

Eucalyptus Tree Hedge Trimming

The eucalyptus tree is an evergreen variety which benefits from expert attention including coppicing and pollarding. Providing they are regularly pruned, eucalyptus trees can be suitable for small gardens, but left unkempt they will grow to quite a height and even in normal conditions they will easily shed bark and branches. If you have a eucalyptus tree it is important to have any dead wood removed regularly and if the tree has grown quite big it is a good idea to have it trimmed. Our eucalyptus hedge trimming service is available Guernsey wide and we are able to safely handle any job, regardless of the size of the tree or hedge.

Cherry Tree Hedge Trimming

Cherry belongs to the Prunus group of trees and there are various fruit bearing species across Europe. Cherry trees can grow wide and tall, often up to 10 metres, and despite the fact they produce delicious fruit and beautiful cherry blossom, they can easily become unmanageable. If a cherry tree on your land needs trimming, we can offer the knowhow required and offer a safe and cost effective service as specialist cherry tree hedge trimming experts Guernsey wide.

Silver Birch Hedge Trimming

The silver birch tree, known officially as Betula Pendula, is native to the UK. It can reach 30 metres in height and has a light canopy. At Tree Works, we have developed specialist expertise in dealing with all the UK’s native tree species. If you have a silver birch tree that needs its overhanging canopy dealt with, you can rely on the capabilities of our silver birch hedge trimming specialists in Guernsey to do so quickly and efficiently.

Ash Tree Hedge Trimming

Ash trees, scientifically known as Fraxinus Excelsior, are native to the UK. They can live to a ripe old age of 400 years, although this can be even longer if they are professionally coppiced. Often reaching heights of around 35 metres, the ash tree is known for being tall and elegant, and it is common for them to grow together so that a domed canopy forms. If you have an ash tree in Guernsey that needs trimming, you can rely on the expertise of the tree surgeons at Tree Works to undertake the task professionally, safely and efficiently. Even if you have a row of ash trees that need attention, we can assist with a specialist ash tree hedge trimming service Guernsey wide.

Plum Tree Hedge Trimming

The plum tree comes from the family known as Prunus Domestica, which also produces damson and greengages. Plum trees are not native to the UK but are still fairly common. They do not grow very tall and are characterised by straight branches and spiny twigs. If you have a plum tree that needs trimming, we can help. Our qualified Guernsey plum tree hedge trimming specialists are experts in caring for many of the UK’s common tree species.

Cedar Tree Hedge Trimming

Cedar trees are imposing evergreen conifers. They are native to the Lebanon, eastern parts of the Mediterranean and areas of Asia, but fairly common now in the UK. The Latin name is Cedrus Libani and the wood is a natural insect repellent. Cedar trees generally grow to around 35 metres and they are distinctive by the fact that they have several trunks. Despite the unusual shape, our Guernsey cedar tree hedge trimming experts are able to deal with cutting back a cedar tree’s canopy without issue, and it is no problem at all to reduce the canopy and branches of any cedar tree that is blocking light or causing other issues such as interfering with neighbouring property or overhead cables.

Pine Tree Hedge Trimming

There are a number of different species of pine trees. The Scots pine is one of the most common and is one of just three native to the UK. The Pinus Sylvestris as it is known will grow up to 35 metres in height and can live for up to 700 years. Despite the looming height, the specialist Guernsey pine tree hedge trimming specialists at Tree Works can offer to deal with whatever needs to be done with absolute expertise and efficiency. Even if your pine tree has grown to an unruly state, and is of particular height, we have the knowledge, manpower and experience to deal with pine tree hedge trimming cost effectively and swiftly.

Qualified, Insured, Trading Standards Approved Guernsey Hedge Trimming Service

We are local authority and Trading Standards approved, fully insured and have many years’ experience in hedge trimming. Guernsey home and commercial premises owners recommend us highly for our knowledge, skill and reliability – and our affordable rates.


Professional Pollarding Service in Guernsey

Tree pollarding Guernsey wide is usually performed as a last resort. Pollarding is a pruning system in which the upper branches of a tree are removed, promoting a dense head of foliage and branches. The entire crown of a tree is removed to leave only the main trunk system. It is common practice along roadsides to pollard trees, but on a domestic level it is more often advised to remove a tree and re-plant rather than pollard.

Although not the best option, sometimes tree pollarding Guernsey wide is the only way to retain a tree that may have been allowed to outgrow a given area. In this instance Tree Works can offer competitive prices and provide a professional service to pollard your trees.

What is Tree Pollarding? Guernsey Experts Explain.

In Guernsey, tree pollarding has been common since medieval times and is practised today in urban areas, primarily to maintain trees at a predetermined height. Pollards grow slowly, with narrower growth rings in the years immediately after cutting.

The union of the stem and pollard is called a knuckle; this is the point trees will be cut back to if already pollarded. Pollards will produce dense fast growth once cut that may be weaker than the original stems and will therefore require periodic removal to ensure branch stems do not snap out in high winds or of their own accord.

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