Storm Damaged Trees

Professional Storm Damaged Tree Removal Guernsey

Suffered a storm damaged tree in Guernsey? Tree down or posing a hazard due to high winds? Don’t hesitate for a moment: storm damaged trees are exceptionally dangerous and need to be dealt with quickly – and by fully trained experts.

Emergency Storm Damage Tree Removal

At Tree Works we offer an emergency service to remove trees Guernsey wide that have suffered damage or have fallen in high winds. We’ll do everything possible to rearrange our schedule to tend to urgent cases, such as where trees have fallen and are blocking access, or are posing a danger to people or property.

Even if the weather is still an issue and winds are still high, we will find a solution to remove your storm damaged tree. Guernsey wide we have been tending to dangerous trees for almost a decade and have the expertise, experience and equipment to deal with any issue, however complex.

We have been known to temporarily and safely remove overhead power lines to eliminate hazards whilst working. It’s all part of what we’re trained to do and every job starts with a thorough risk assessment to ascertain precisely how we’ll ensure safety throughout the work.

Who Pays to Remove Storm Damaged Trees in Guernsey?

This is a question we are asked on a regular basis. In some cases, you will be covered on your buildings and contents insurance, although policies do vary. Generally, if a tree has fallen onto your property, or onto a neighbouring property, you’ll probably be covered for its removal, and for the cost of repairing any damage, it has caused.

If a tree or a large branch falls onto outbuildings such as greenhouses, sheds and garages, again you’ll probably be covered. If the tree hasn’t actually hit anything or isn’t blocking access, however, it’s unlikely you’ll be paid out for its removal. If a fallen tree has damaged a vehicle, the claim will need to be made on the motor insurance policy.