Crown Lifting

Professional Tree Crown Lifting services throughout Guernsey



Tree Works specialises in all types of tree surgery including crown lifting.  Guernsey landowners who want to maintain the height of their tree, but find that the canopy has started to pose an obstruction and danger to passers-by, traffic or buildings, will find crown lifting advantageous.

Crown lifting involves the removal of the lowest branches of a tree’s crown, lifting the height of the crown without affecting the height of the tree.  When a tree’s height is not a problem but low hanging branches are, this is the perfect solution.

Removing Obstructions with Crown Lifting Guernsey Wide

If you have a tree that is obstructing walkways and paths then give us a call and we’ll come and see if it would be beneficial to carry out crown lifting.  Guernsey gardens and streets often have trees with overhanging branches that can pose a hazard as they are dangerous for anyone walking, driving or cycling underneath.  Our Guernsey crown lifting service is suitable for trees of all types and sizes.