Ivy Removal/Trimming

Professional Ivy Removal/Trimming services

For a cost effective service in ivy removal Guernsey wide give our qualified tree surgeons a call on 07781 416 354.

Ivy may look appealing on the façade of a building or wall, but it grows so rapidly that it can easily take hold and get out of control, attaching itself to whatever it can hook its tendrils into. This is exactly why ivy removal Guernsey wide has turned into such an essential service.

Ivy is connected with problems such as damp and rot. This is because when it rains, the leafy covering leads to walls and fences taking much longer to dry out, being unexposed to air or sunlight. Ivy is also a crafty plant, working its way under roof tiles and wooden window frames and into gaps in brickwork, resulting in a variety of issues that can prove expensive to rectify.

We have specialist knowhow in the reduction and removal of ivy from residential properties and commercial buildings and from walls and fences in public places. Not only can we remove or trim back the ivy, we will also clean the underlying brickwork and can repair or replace fencing too. It’s all part of our value added service and our customers enjoy the fact that after we’ve completed our work, it is barely possible to detect that any ivy was present in the first place.

Ivy is a woody climbing plant. It uses its aerial roots that grow along its stems to climb upwards and outwards. These roots, also known as tendrils, cling hard and fast to fences and walls and when the ivy is removed, the tendrils are left behind, leaving behind a great deal of mess.

The problem with ivy, other than the mess it can leaves in its wake, is that it provides a natural habitat for pests such as bugs and rodents. Some people are also allergic to ivy and merely touching it or being in its presence can lead to a reaction.

Ivy is also known to block drains, leading to damp patches within a building and possibly even leaks. It is also an open invitation as a climbing aid for intruders looking to reach open windows.

What Does Ivy Removal Involve?

If ivy is leading to issues at your property, get in touch with Tree Works. We have nearly a decade of experience in ivy removal Guernsey wide. We have over the years removed ivy that has grown to 60 feet in height and have built up exceptional skill in working around obstacles and in challenging conditions.

Our qualified tree surgeons are well trained in ivy removal. Guernsey householders, commercial property owners, landlords and public land managers rely on us for our expertise in creating solutions to situations where overhead power lines are an issue, or where neighbouring property, trees, outbuildings or fences are making it difficult to reach the ivy.

We approach all jobs with the utmost care and safety and our unblemished insurance and health and safety records prove our dedication in this respect. When removing ivy in Guernsey, we also go to great lengths to ensure there is minimal or no damage to brickwork or fencing. Where requested we will power wash brickwork and repaint or stain fencing, repair or replace it. It all forms part of our value-added service.

To arrange your free, no-obligation quotation for ivy removal Guernsey wide, please call 07781 416 354.