Dead Wood Pruning

Dead Wood Pruning Guernsey

Dead wood on a tree is a natural part of the growth cycle and doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the tree.  But removing this dead wood is a crucial part of maintaining a tree and encourages strong and healthy growth. It makes the tree safer too. Dead wood pruning is one of our most popular tree services.

As a tree grows, it is natural that some of the wood will die off. Sometimes it could be the first sign of decay, but more likely it is just part of the natural life cycle.  Tree Works offers essential dead wood pruning Guernsey wide.

Guernsey Dead Wood Pruning: Our Service

We’ll come along to your home or commercial premises and undertake a full assessment of the tree, checking that the dead wood is not a symptom of a disease.  Once we’ve established how much dead wood needs to be removed, and ascertained the causes, we can get to work on dead wood pruning. Guernsey grounds such as parks, gardens, public places and streets, as well as private land, are made safer as a result.

Dead Wood Pruning Guernsey: Trees are Healthier as a Result

The dead wood pruning provided by our qualified tree surgeons results in safer, healthier trees. Dead wood can be heavy and prove to be a risk as it could fall from the tree unexpectedly. Wood that is no longer living quickly becomes weak and brittle. If left unattended it will fall and could therefore pose a risk of injury to people or damage to property.