Tree Removal

Guernsey tree removal services

When you need tree removal in Guernsey, it is crucial to hire competent, qualified tree surgeons with adequate insurance cover. The process of felling or removing trees can be the most demanding type of work a tree services company offers. Great skill is needed, especially when working near buildings, utilities and overhead cables. Tree Works has been providing expert tree removal Guernsey wide since 2010. We invest in the very latest equipment to ensure fast, efficient and most of all safe working practices.

How much does Guernsey Tree Removal Cost?

We offer some of the most affordable rates for tree removal Guernsey wide. It is important to remember though that various factors can increase the cost to remove a tree in Guernsey. Greenhouses, sheds, fences and cables to name a few all increase the cost of removing your tree. If you are able to temporarily move any obstacles this could reduce your quote.

Take Care! The Pitfalls of using Inexperienced, Unqualified/Under Qualified Tree Surgeons

Removing trees is one of the most dangerous jobs any tree surgeon undertakes. It takes many years to learn the safe and professional way of tree felling in Guernsey. Many have-a-go tree cutters lack the professional skills and qualifications to remove trees without injuring themselves or damaging property.

Since the recession it has been more tempting for cowboys who are unqualified and uninsured to offer a cheaper service in tree removal throughout the UK and Guernsey. Tree Works never cuts corners yet offers very competitive prices. Rest assured you are in the safest hands with fully insured tree surgeons providing several years’ professional experience in tree felling across Guernsey.

Take a look at what’s involved in tree removal in Guernsey:

What qualifications does a competent Guernsey tree surgeon need?

This is not a straightforward answer but here goes… in the eyes of UK law, a tree surgeon must be competent and hold proof (certificates) of such competence. The UK tree industry recognised certificates of competence are called City & Guilds N.P.T.C qualifications. All tree surgeons now train to this standard and insurance companies require us to honour our legal obligations as a tree surgeon working in the UK. That simply means any tree surgeon carrying out tree removal services must hold the correct N.P.T.C certificates to ensure their insurance company will pay out should something go wrong.

Should a customer be unlucky enough to employ an unqualified tree surgeon and something does go wrong, even if they show proof of insurance there is a huge chance the insurance company will state your tree surgeon did not act in accordance with UK law and therefore breached the contract with the insurance company. This could remove the insurance company from having to pay out for any accident caused by an unqualified/under qualified tree surgeon carrying out tree removals across Guernsey.

Of course an insurance company may sell insurance to unqualified/under qualified tree surgeons without even checking if they are qualified, Crazy we know ! It’s simple why they do: less risk of having to pay out.

Your tree surgeon shows some basic qualifications, but are they right for your specific job?

For each task, for example small tree felling, large tree felling, tree dismantling, stump removal, etc. there is a qualification. Here is a guide for employing a qualified Guernsey tree surgeon – remember there are numerous tree surgeons out there with only basic qualifications. Whilst these enable them to say they are qualified to N.P.T.C standards, in actual fact they may not be qualified to carry out your specific job. It is vital to understand the differences, and also to ask to see proof of the stated qualifications.

OK so you’re a qualified Guernsey tree removal company, why else should I engage your services?

Tree Works do all the hard work so our customers don’t have to. We provide proof of our qualifications and insurances and update them every 5 years in-line with industry best practice. If you visit our reviews page you will see many happy customer reviews submitted by our recent customers.