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Professional hedge removal services in Guernsey

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Across Guernsey Hedge removal is one of the most popular services offered by Tree Works. We offer a decade of experience, a long list of qualifications and specialist expertise.

Regularly planted as boundaries between properties, hedges are also used to mark a border between buildings or houses and public land. The advantages of hedges are numerous. When well maintained they look appealing plus they attract wildlife, act as a privacy screen and can help to reduce noise and rubbish blowing onto your land.

However, hedges do call for quite a lot of attention to keep them in check. If they are not regularly trimmed, they will start to take on a scruffy appearance. Without frequent pruning, they will start to grow over onto neighbouring property and public land and may even start to block light. All of this of course can become a nuisance, so if this is something that is causing you concern and you live in Guernsey hedge removal could well be the solution for you. If there are hedges on your land that you don’t have the time or ability to take care of, or you need to clear land for development, read on for guidance.

Hedge Removal Guernsey: How Does it Work?

Regrettably, contrary to popular belief, hedge removal is not a simple task. Firstly the hedge will need to be trimmed right back. Specialist cutters are needed to undertake such a task, as hedges tend to have tough branches and stems. This whole procedure can create a lot of mess, so it is vital that a process is in place to dispose of the waste leaves and branches.

For hedges made up of conifer or yew trees, the task becomes an even greater challenge due to the height and bushiness of the trees. The good news is though that, as Tree Works are experts in hedge removal Guernsey home and land owners need not harbour any concerns, as no hedge removal job is too much of a challenge for our qualified tree surgeons who are extensively trained in working at height and in demanding conditions.

As soon as cutting the hedge back is complete, the remaining stumps and roots have to be taken out so as to prevent the hedge growing back as well as so that a perfectly flat piece of land is left ready to replace the boundary marker. This could be for example with a wall or a fence.

The professional hedge removal service offered by our Guernsey tree surgeons covers all these aspects and our customers are also offered a professional fencing service should this be required.


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