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Qualified, 5 Star Rated Tree Workers in Guernsey

Tree Workers Guernsey

Tree Works is an established company with official tree surgeon qualifications operating as experienced tree workers Guernsey wide.

Unfortunately there are various general labourers claiming to be ‘tree workers’ Guernsey wide. But what exactly are ‘tree workers’ and what should you look for when you need tree services in Guernsey?

Tree workers offer numerous services. They may list things such as ‘lopping and topping’ and ‘garden clearance’. This will usually indicate general labour. Beware though as often the people behind these services are unqualified tree workers. Guernsey wide, if you are seeking professional tree services that you can rely on for safety and value for money, then you should be looking to engage qualified tree surgeons or tree workers with adequate experience, expertise, certifications and insurance.

Tree workers operate in dangerous conditions. For this reason it is crucial they are relevantly qualified and hold sufficient insurance. Working at height is hazardous in its own right, but tree workers will also be using a range of dangerous equipment. Training is therefore crucial and evidence of such should be demanded whenever you engage a tree worker.

Tree Works are widely experienced and highly qualified tree workers in Guernsey.

Our Guernsey tree workers offer the following services:

  • Tree removal: To remove trees that are storm damaged, decayed, diseased or blocking light or preventing access
  • Crown reduction and thinning: This will reduce the tree’s canopy so that light and wind can penetrate
  • Dead wood pruning: This involves safely removing dead branches so that they don’t pose a risk of falling and causing damage or injury
  • Tree pollarding: A service used to control the canopies of trees in public areas

Approved and Qualified Tree Workers Guernsey Residents Recommend

For reassurance when choosing tree workers, Guernsey home and land owners should choose a company that is suitably qualified and British Standards and health and safety compliant.  At Tree Works our tree surgeons are qualified, widely experienced and fully insured with a clean record.