Crown Thinning

Professional Tree Crown Thinning services in Guernsey

When the canopy of a tree grows thick and heavy, it can make it difficult for light and wind to pass through which can cause problems.  If a tree is too dense it will often become damaged and it also makes it difficult to see if branches are diseased or decayed.  To avoid these issues, Tree Works recommends crown thinning Guernsey wide. Our tree surgeons will climb right into the crown of the tree and thin it out making it healthier, stronger, safer and more balanced.

Crown Thinning: Guernsey Tree Surgeons Get Right to the Core of the Problem

Crown thinning Guernsey wide strengthens trees by letting wind and light pass through rather than having it meet resistance. In strong winds or storms, typical in Guernsey, this can offer protection and prevent damage. Tree Works carefully and expertly work within the tree’s crown, thinning out foliage and removing heavy branches to help the tree retain natural balance and support new growth.

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Crown thinning allows a tree to retain its height whilst reducing the volume of the canopy to allow light and air to pass through.  For tall, mature trees, particularly those in urban areas, this is vital for maintenance. If you feel your trees could benefit from crown thinning Guernsey experts Tree Works are here to help.